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A partner with the same drive to go further and to build ever more liveable, comfortable, and safe ships and buildings. One with the skills, shaped in the field, to look beyond the already known to find the most effective answers to the needs of the present. Your project requires ambition and competence: this is how we know we are your best ally.

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We support shipowners and builders at every stage and in every project area with a specific goal: to prevent critical issues in order to make your precise project feasible. For this reason, MBM Group customers do not choose products from a catalogue but develop devices and processes together with us based on their vision, without renouncing the uniqueness of their project.

The right partner from the initial idea through to production, from installation to finished fittings.


The flexible planning of MBM Group is found in the most diverse shipyards, to the benefit of major international players and in various fields of shipbuilding, civil construction, and industry.

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Enterprises that really matter are almost impossible.
We take care of the “almost”.


From the most exclusive luxury fittings for cruise ships to the interiors of civil construction and public spaces, as well as the strictest healthcare facilities and the most challenging technical-industrial sectors, the development, production, and installation process of MBM Group is able to respond to the needs of the most demanding sectors.



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