The all-round design philosophy of MBM Group continues to allow the group to develop flexible responses and solutions, both in terms of product and fitting processes, suitable for operating in the highest technological fields of use:


Cruise ships, yachts and private cruises, technical and commercial vessels, service vessels.

Where the need for the comfort and style of large luxury vessels and that of functionality in the technical, commercial, and scientific fields require the integration of essential marine safety requirements.


Private residential interiors, temporary accommodation, hotels, B&B.

Where complexity arises from an ambitious vision of design, manufacturing capacity and the quality of materials become the means to create prestigious environments and experiences, without placing any practical limitation on the design concept.

Public spaces

Cinemas, theatres and concert/congress halls, clubs and restaurants, spas.

High levels of safety and functionality to ensure trouble-free and peaceful enjoyment of collective spaces, combined with the flexibility of construction that allows you to set up innovative and impactful environments.


Hospitals, assisted living residences, permanent and emergency healthcare structures.

Appliances and materials designed for the essential needs of healthcare environments, both permanent and temporary, where the well-being of people also depends on the functionality and safety of the structures.

Onshore and offshore platforms

Technical, mining, and scientific platforms, both onshore and offshore.

Application of high engineering of materials and in the installation of demanding technical-industrial infrastructures, in which materials are required to comply with the most stringent standards of reliability and durability.

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